Fortress of Mist - Sigmund Brouwer


Thomas may have won his castle…but can he keep it?

A fast paced first book, The Orphan King, saw Thomas coming of age, setting off to reclaim his fortress, Magnus, and successfully recapturing the legendary keep. I expected this second book to have less action and focus instead on the two conspiracies that still remain hidden in the shadows around Thomas. While these opposing forces certainly came into play, much of the story still revolved around battles and the question of Thomas’ right to the throne.

Why Mystery Trumps Fantasy in the Angel Eyes Series - CSFF Tour



When someone uses the word “mystery” what comes to your mind? Is it a black white courtroom with a catchy theme or perhaps a NYPD murder board from a newer shiny show? Do you have visions of priests and Frenchmen and elderly ladies gracing the cover of a paperback novel? Now ask yourself what all these things have in common…and, no, murder isn’t the right word. It’s puzzle. The point of the entire mystery genre is that there is case to be solved, a puzzle to put together, and a satisfying conclusion where all is reveled. But if you go back to the Greek, mysterion, and the Latin, mysterium, you’ll find two unexpected things. First, it is a religious word used to describe religious things. Secondly, the word “secret” is used in its definition, not “solution.”

What does this have to do with a novel about a teenage girl who sees angels?

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Broken Wings - CSFF Tour

Greetings Readers! This week we're going to have something a bit different. I and Audrey have signed up to participate in the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour. This means once a month, we get to take a few days to highlight our favorite speculative fiction by Christian publishing houses. First up, I get to gush more about Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore! If you missed them the first time around, we've reviewed both of Shannon's books on the site earlier.

Angel Eyes

Broken Wings

So tomorrow come back for a giveaway of Broken Wings, and then Wed. check in for an editorial on why this book and it's predecessor are important entries in the library of faith based speculative stories. Meanwhile, browse our links to further information about the book, and check out the other blogs that are joining us for this tour!

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Dragonwitch - Anne Elisabeth Stengl


I can tell I’m going to start sounding like a broken record when it comes to the Tales of Goldstone Woods books. Seriously though, I think these books are filling a real void in the realm of faerie tale literature. While there are dragons and villains aplenty, these books steer a course somewhere between the sparkly Disney princesses and the grittier heroines of some of the current (and older!) stories. To borrow from an internet meme, we’re not talking Fairy Princess Ballerinas, but we’re also not going as far as Elven Jedi Ninja Dragon Rider. And to be honest, despite that fact I would have been thrilled if the latter had been a career choice, that’s a pretty healthy balance to strike.