Chasing Francis - Ian Morgan Cron

First, don’t brush this book off with the assumption it’s just jumping on the bandwagon. I requested my review copy before the new Pope took his name. I won’t deny, however, that reading all the news articles on both the original and new Francis made me even more interested in the history Chasing Francis unfolds.

Author Spotlight: John Flanagan

I met young Will in The Ruins of Gorlan, which is the first of ten books in the series.  He was fifteen years old and struggling to find his place in the world.  One of the most enjoyable experiences I had while reading that book, was the feeling that I was there; I was not just standing watching, as with a movie, but I was made to feel what Willwas feeling.
I was lent the book, and I was so greatly enthused by it, so I have now read up to Book Eight, The Kings Of Clonmel, in his series of ten.  I am now waiting to read Book Nine, Halt’s Peril, till I am able to check it out from the library.  Books one through eight I can freely recommend to most children over twelve; there is some violence that you would not want to read at a younger age. 

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Ray Bradbury

Front Cover

Two boys. Born in nearly the same instant. One born a minute before midnight; one born a minute after midnight on October 31st. Born in the same town, in the same year. And yet, by the end of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, one boy will have traveled years ahead of the other…

Stress Test - Richard L. Mabry, MD

Dr. Matt Newman has everything. An amazing gift for healing. A good job he’s leaving for an even better one. A steady girlfriend who might be The One. Then one night as he leaves the hospital, he is attacked and stuffed into the trunk of his car by men who make their plans for him very clear. Matt pulls off an escape, only to sustain a head injury from a fall. When he wakes in the hospital, he finds a homicide detective waiting for him…and a chance to arrest him for murder. Innocent of the crime, but with no ability to even prove he’d been kidnapped, Matt turns to lawyer Sandra Murray for advice and representation. There are men still trying to kill him, an assistant DA with dreams of advancement, and a detective willing to do anything to see him behind bars. Luckily for him, his lawyer is also willing to move heaven and earth to keep him out from behind those bars.

Jennifer - Dee Henderson

I must begin by stressing that this is not a new O’Malley novel. It is, however, a novella centered around the one O’Malley sibling who didn’t get a book. Since I personally would jump at even ten pages more of lives with the O’Malley clan, I found 160 pages a real cause for celebration…but in the end like all of Mrs. Henderson’s story there is a sense that I could have twice as many pages and still be looking for more.