Fearless - Eric Blehm

Fearless is the life story of Adam Brown, a member of the Navy Seal Team SIX who gave his life in Afghanistan a year before his team participated in the successful raid against Osama bin Laden’s compound which resulted in the terrorist’s death. At the request of his family and his surviving team members, this is a full biography, starting back with how his parents met and his rather boisterous childhood – complete with jumping off bridges. Along the way, his life was derailed by drugs, but between God, his parents, his wife, and the Navy, he pulled himself up by the boot straps and hit the deck plates running.

A Cast of Stones - Patrick W. Carr

One of the best things about running a book review site is when you get to read a book early and help promote its release. One of the books I’ve been looking forward to sharing about is A Cast of Stones. Releasing today, this book is one that rocketed higher and higher up my rating scale as I read, quickly becoming a book I would consider vital to a list of fantasy must reads.

Star Wars Scoundrels Giveaway Winner

The random numbers have spoken! Congratulations to Mike B. for winning a copy of Scoundrels. And many thanks to everyone else who entered! I hope you continue to enjoy the site and keep an eye out for next months' giveaway.

Addendum: We have just been graciously offered five extra prizes! T.C. B., Alli W., Austin B., Denise M., and Isaac, you are welcome to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your address and your choice of one unsigned paperback copy of a previously published Star Wars novel by Timothy Zahn. I will need to forward those titles by February 8th, so please notify me of your selection before then.

Liberator - Bryan Davis

I always approach the last book of a series with a certain amount of trepidation. Writing a review for one is also a source for anxiety.  Somehow I need to convey how amazing a book is without giving anything away for its preceding books. So, for my review of the conclusion to Bryan Davis’ Dragons of Starlight quartet, I’m going to try to focus on what I thought of Liberator itself and not just as part of the series. I will simply note that once again Mr. Davis has managed to avoid both having his ending leave the reader with more questions and having everything wrap up too conveniently, leaving readers with the warmth of a series well done.

The Man Who Dreamed of Elk Dogs

I’ve read a lot of Paul Goble books through the years, and to be honest, as much as I love the stories, it’s the pictures I love the most. The simplistic yet vibrant illustrations are stunning and very memorable. These are books that are truly ageless. I’ve seen kids too young to read page through them for an hour, completely absorbed in the pictures. Grade school age children simply enjoy the stories, and then older readers including adults can enjoy both of those, but also learn a great deal about the culture that created the tales.  The Man Who Dreamed of Elk Dogs is no different in that regard.