The Map Across Time - C.S. Lakin

“Remember your fairy tales.” C.S. Lewis

First, you can’t help but love an author who writes under the initials C.S. especially when they have the fortuitous last name of Lakin. But while that might earn the book a grin and maybe even get you to pick up a copy, it is the quality of the books themselves that will keep you coming back to The Gates of Heaven series.

Star Wars Scoundrels Signed Copy Giveaway


I've been looking forward to Star Wars Scoundrels since I first heard about it, and if you read my review,, you know it didn't disappoint. Now we are very pleased to offer a giveaway copy so a random reader can enjoy it too! If you haven't read Star Wars books before: don't worry! This is one of the few novels that doesn't require anything other than watching A New Hope to understand. And it's signed by Timothy Zahn! The giveaway runs through January 28th, and I'll announce the winner here on the 29th.

Due to technical issues with the giveaway that kept it from working for the first five days, I am extending the deadline to the 31st of January and will announce the winner February 1st.

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Soul's Gate - James L. Rubart

Can four people change the world? Reece thinks so – more than thinks actually. He believes it with every aspect of his being. And he has received a prophecy that he will be the one to bring them together and teach them how to access their God-given powers. The Singer, the Teacher, and the Leader join him at a retreat appropriately called Well Spring…but even as the Prophecy seems to be fulfilled, many more questions arise. Who is the fourth? Can they truly master their God-given gifts? And how will they survive now that Hell has decided to take their actions personally?

Unlike many stories I read, I wouldn’t call Soul’s Gate exciting. While in some ways you could say there’s a lot of action in this book, the heart of it was deeply philosophical. So it falls in the much rarer category of fascinating.  It is a book about supernatural warfare, but I felt that, like its subject, the point of book kept taking place on two different levels.

Echoes - Robin Jones Gunn

I feel it’s important with this review to be upfront: I didn’t really like this book. If I hadn’t felt the need to give it my best shot, I’d probably have stopped after the first chapter. However, I think that Echoes was one of those books that might not have appealed to me but could be a great story for a different reader.

Identity in History

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Sometimes it seems like all Indians can do is talk about the disappeared.


The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven


Sherman Alexie, © 1993, published by HarperCollins

“Indians have a way of surviving. But it’s almost like Indians can easily survive the big stuff. Mass murder, loss of language and land rights. It’s the small things that hurt the most. The white waitress who wouldn’t take an order, Tonto, the Washington Redskins.

“And, just like everybody else, Indians need heroes to help them learn how to survive. But what happens when our heroes don’t even know how to pay their bills?”