Mistborn: The Final Empire

If you asked me what I value most in a fantasy novel, the one of the first words out of my mouth would be originality.  To be honest, I’ve started to cringe at the blurbs describing a book as “the next Lord of the Rings.” I read Lord of the Rings. I reread Lord of the Rings.  What I’m looking for is something new, and Brandon Sanderson delivered with Mistborn: The Final Empire.

Heat Rises - Richard Castle

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Publisher's Blurb:

The bizarre murder of a parish priest at a New York bondage club opens Nikki Heat’s most thrilling and dangerous case so far, pitting her against New York’s most vicious drug lord, an arrogant CIA contractor, and a shadowy death squad out to gun her down. And that is just the tip of an iceberg that leads to a dark conspiracy reaching all the way to the highest level of the NYPD.
But when she gets too close to the truth, Nikki finds herself disgraced, stripped of her badge, and out on her own as a target for killers, with nobody she can trust. Except maybe the one man in her life who’s not a cop: reporter Jameson Rook.
In the midst of New York’s coldest winter in a hundred years, there’s one thing Nikki is determined to prove: Heat Rises.

I’m not what you’d call the biggest fan of novelizations, especially when it comes to TV shows. No matter how much I love the Stargate shows or Babylon 5, I just can’t get into the books. I think that a lot of the problem lies in the fact that I have higher expectations of books than I do cinema. But the more spin-off books I pick up, with the exceptions of a few Star Wars authors, the lower my expectations for them as genre plunges.  So while I was willing to drop a copy of Heat Rises in my $2 bag from a library sale, it took months for me to actually work up to reading it.

But it was amazing.  

Sword in the Stars - Wayne Thomas Batson

In the land of Myriad, darkness is gathering. From the Elladorian to the Stonehand, the nine races are under attack from an old foe…but is their true enemy truly the Gorrack nation, or an enemy far older and sinister? While bloody raids and battles abound, the true war is being fought on a smaller, more deadly scale.

Morlan, younger twin brother to the king, keeps many secrets and chaffs under his brother’s rule.

His brother, Aravel, is recognized as kind and courageous leader, but the reins of his power are beginning to slip along with his faith.

Alastair Coldhollow waivers between believing in his own redemption and that of his nation and hiding his past in a bottle of bleary alcoholism.

But even as darkness falls, light is candled in a single child.