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Myrdan Creation was established in September 2012 to fulfill two purposes. First, to provide a platform for book reviews which span many genres. Most review sites are dedicated to one genre or one style of books, and as a more eclectic reader, I wanted a site where I could get a broad spectrum of recommendations. Secondly, Myrdan Creation provides a place for writers to establish an online portfolio. It is becoming more and more common for publishers to request links instead of attachments, and the site has been set up to accommodate several different styles of writing and more sections will be added according to demand.

If you interested in contributing to the site, please set up and account and submit an article or review.  I will contact you as soon as possible about publishing it. While I am happy to accept reviews about books that have elements of Pg-13 or R in them, I ask that the content on the site remain PG. If you review a book that contains language, violence, innuendo, substance abuse or other themes that my alienate readers, I ask that you do note this in your review. It is the policy of this site and the belief of its founder that books containing such elements can still be good, even great books. But it is also the policy of the site that readers should be given such information up front so that they can judge their own comfort level with such material.

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